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The International Junior Math Olympiad (IJMO) is an international mathematics competition which is held annually in different countries across Asia. IJMO is organised by SIMCC in collaboration with the National Math Societies in Asian countries to identify and encourage potential young math talents in every SIMCC participating country. To be eligible for participation in IJMO, only SASMO and AMO Gold and Silver awardees from each country are selected annually to represent their country.

IJMO aims to provide a Global platform for students to interact and compete against their worthy opponents. IJMO is the ideal platform to showcase every student’s potential and talent in math in the international math competitions arena!

IJMO empowers students with deep conceptual understanding and logical thinking skills beyond Grade-level. This effectively stretches every student’s potential beyond Grade-level, allowing them to better apply much higher level logical and analytical skills to solve challenging Math Olympiad problems. Questions in IJMO are carefully designed to develop every student’s higher level of conceptual understanding and logical thinking skills.

Vanda and IJMO 

The top 20 students who win both VANDA Science Global Finals and IJMO Gold medals will be awarded the President’s Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science (PAEMS).  These students will be awarded a PAEMS Gold medal, certificate and US$100 plus get inducted into the International Junior Honor Society (IJHS) and win a full scholarship to attend the Young Achievers Leadership Academy (YALA) to be held in Singapore from 15 to 19 December, 2019.



Competition papers for each level contains 30 questions:

Section A: Questions 1 to 10 are worth 2 points each

Section B: Questions 11 to 20  are worth 3 points each

Section C: Questions 21 to 30 are worth 5 points each

Duration: 90 minutes


Registrations for SASMO 2020 winners is open now for the limited remaining places in IJMO competitions. Remember, those who win Perfect Score, Gold or Silver awards in IJMO and SIMOC will gain points to be admitted into IJHS and YALA.

Don’t miss our offer this year:

As part of our initiative to promote STEAM, IST is sponsoring all our students the VANDA Science Global Finals fee if you choose to participate in both competition.  (This is subjected to your result of your VANDA International where you need to win either Gold, Silver or Bronze awar

For Singapore candidates to register for the contest, please refer to the email that we sent to you or your school.  You can also email us at admin@simcc.org.

For other country candidates, please refer to your country partners.


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